Dear readers: this blog is nonsense. Do not read it. No wait!…ok, don’t go! Read it, but try not to think about what it says. Well, connect the words so that the sentences makes sense but don’t ponder the grander meaning of those sentences. Ugh. No. What I’m really saying is that you can connect the sentences, but don’t take away too many ideas. Or maybe, have ideas, but try not to create an idea from my words and then repeat it as if I’m an authority. Ya, that’s it. I’m not an authority.

What I am is a thirty-something aspiring writer. I work as a researcher and write very technical research reports all day. As a result my fiction can sometimes be square and to the point. I love science fiction and dystopian scenarios but enjoy reading nearly all fiction and non-fiction, including science/physics/cosmology type works.

This blog is primarily a place to post fiction. I will post the occasional book review or discussion about the writing process. For the most part, there are other blogs that address these topics with greater expertise. Follow it if you are interested in reading short original sci-fi excerpts, or if you are looking for readers for your own fiction-related blog.


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